Founder of the Mojo Boogie Band, Tom Egan has enjoyed a passion for music of all kinds literally from the cradle.   At one year old, Tom was transfixed by his new “transistor” (wow!) radio.  Tuned to the hippest radio stations in New York City in 1964, he and his Great Aunt could be found singing their hearts out on their many walks in Washington Heights.   Although his parents  unsuccessfully attempted to turn Tom into an instrumentalist by giving him an old Spanish guitar for his eighth birthday, the bond did not take!  To this day, Tom considers himself first and foremost a vocalist.

From grade school musicals through singing and dance performance stage groups in later years, Tom kept his hand in the music business while pursuing degrees in Economics, Business and Romance Languages.   While living and studying in France for 2 years, Tom sang in a church choir and even did a stint as a seaside lounge singer while working a summer job as a firefighter on the Riviera.

After a too-long hiatus from his musical endeavors during which Tom founded and developed his disability lift and equipment manufacturing business, Access Unlimited, Tom “got the itch” again in 1997.   He started Boogie Stew, his first blues band.  Boogie Stew got its start in a most unusual fashion:  several companies in the disability field were vying for a highly-qualified employee from Los Angeles.  All offered similar money and benefits, but Tom had an ace in the hole: he promised that if this employee took the position he was offering, they would start a blues band together.  The employee took the offer, and Boogie Stew was born!

Through several (somewhat painful!) combinations and permutations, this band evolved into the Mojo Boogie Band, described by fans as a “fun” blues band.  So as not to feel completely useless during instrumental interludes, Tom decided in 1998 to take up the harmonica, and, unlike the guitar, it was love at first bite of the “brass sandwich”!  Tom’s musical interests lie in three veins:  Funk, Soul and Blues, and the Mojo Boogie Band is a celebration of blending these genres.  Tom’s musical influences include well-known favorites such as Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor, Willie Dixon, Eric Clapton, the Staple Singers, Little Walter, James Cotton, and Sam and Dave, as well as lesser-known artists such as Junkyard Jane, Queen Ida, Saffire, and several Jump Blues artists such as Hollywood Fats.

Although music has been a constant source of pleasure and pride throughout his life, Tom’s greatest joy by far was the birth of his first child, Ella, in September of 2000.