Sammi G. is no stranger to live performance; she made her debut at age 6, when her father pulled her up in front of the congregation to sing a Christmas song. " I knew right then I was hooked!" she says, "'cuz nothing beats looking out there, and seeing all the people you made happy." Mixing musicals with rock 'n roll, she performed though-out her school career, singing with her church choir in Owego, the  Ti-Awaga Players, the Summer Savoyards, Musical Theatre of Broome and as a solo act. Her experiences fronting rock bands has ranged from the disco-funk of the Seventies, to screaming heavy metal with local bands such as Second Notice and Night Moves.

Though she has taken some extended breaks from performing, Sammi has never been able to ignore the call of the stage, though trying to manage a family, a job, her avocation as a firefighter and Advanced Life Support EMT with the Apalachin Fire Dept, and a band all at once can have its hectic moments. Sometimes it is hard to remember whether she needs to grab the guitar, the briefcase, or the medical bag on the way out the door.  But it's all worth it.

"Playing with these guys is the most fun I've ever had in a band," Sammi  says."Besides being superb musicians, our personalities all seem to fit just right. I can't wait to get there on practice nights!"  She also appreciates the other band members support and encouragement, as well as the freedom to try new things. "Egos are not a problem with this bunch," she tells you, and everyone nods in agreement.

"When you come right down to it, the story of this band is the story of my life- it's all about the music."