Mike P Bio


ďPlaying the drums is good detective work...

 you try to find a pattern that matches, then try to get one up on it.Ē

Michael Putano

Michael was the second born from a musical family of 7, 4 sisters and 2 brothers.  Instruments around the house varied from harmonica and accordion to guitar, drums, piano and spoons.  If you donít know about the spoon thing, Iíll tell you later.  By the age of 10 Mike had a bad reputation for driving everyone crazy by playing finger drums on anything in sight, including his younger sisters, whom he especially loved to pick on.  Sending him for drum lessons only made it worse.

  Mikeís first drum set was a wooden marching band bass and snare drum hand me down.  The snare doubled as a tom with a string and spring, foot-actuated gizmo to turn off the snares.  Add a foot pedal, hi-hat, and cymbals, and it was almost a real drum set.  Mike bought his first real drum set from Larkinís Music when he was 14 years old. (Ludwigs)

  Michael played in the Johnson City high school band and orchestra in his Junior High School years.  By the age of 14, he and his brother formed a band called the Night Riders.  His Mom would drive the four band members and friends to gigs at the Ritz, high school dances, and WJ Teener.  They played the Beatles, Led Zepplin, Cream, Hendrix, Vanilla Fudge, and lots more.

After high school, Mike went on to college attending Ohio Tech in Columbus, Ohio to become an electronics engineer.

  He continued playing drums in local bands and expanded his drumming ability by attending the Columbus  School of Music. His instructor, Joe Ong, was being recruited to play with Doc Severinsons band, and  Mike was able to spend a year with him.  They became friends, and even ended up working part time at the same restaurant; Mike was the cook and Joe was the entertainment with the with the  Ben Leply Trio. Joe would let Mike sit in on the drums
a lot so he could play the vibraphones (vibes).  Mike  had a band of his own band as well and played  several  walkathon charity events.  The picture (below)  was taken at the Columbus Park of Roses in 1974.

  Michael moved back to the area in 1978.  He has played in several bands locally since he came back. Lynx, The Lost Boys, and more recently a project of his own, a classic Rock band called The Cutting Edge.  Mike loves all kinds of music.  He especially enjoys playing latin rhythms and aspires to the unconventional jazz drumming of  Dave Weckyl.

  Mike loves playing the blues, he says it is the root of a lot of music and brings out a musicianís heart and soul. This infects and draws the audience into a oneness with the band.

  Mikeís current drums are Sonor (Force 2000, shown above). Heís played, Ludwig, Rogers, Slingerland and Pearl sets, and says the Sonors have the best tonal quality due to the slightly undersized shell, allowing the skins to float.

  Now, about those spoons. When there was singing around the piano on holidays, Mike would take 3 large spoons, 2 back to back in one hand, and strike between the spoons with the other, creating a shuffle rhythm.  Try it, itís fun!